Humsafar Chai India

Rules And Regulations

  • Staff Training will be provided free of cost. 4 days training is mandatory.
  • The outlet setup must work according to brand standards and define quality.
  • The franchise has to procure raw materials (tea flavor , tea powder , sugar , and other flavors ) only from Humsafar Chai Company.
  • The payment shall me made in the favor of the company – Payable to CREATIVE CAREER OPPORTUNITY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. / HELLO ENGLISH – DENA BANK
  • The payment is non refundable & the Franchise Period shall commence for 1 year from the date of receipt of payment.
  • We work on the model of FOFO – Franchise owned Franchise Operated and we shall give you, to operate your Tea business in a radius of 1 km from your Shop.
  • Operating the “ HUMSAFAR CHAI ” Outlet outside the area shall not be accepted and this may lead to the Franchise termination.
  • The Franchise Operator shall use the Tea – Formula Provided by the Company. The Tea Formula is the sole Ingredient for the Profit of the Outlet.
  • The Franchise Operator shall inform the company for the Tea formula and kulhad at least one months before the requirement. The Transportation cost for the same shall be borne by the Franchise Operator.
  • All the equipment for the Franchise setup will be sourced from partner company. The prices for all equipment are already fixed with the vendors with our expertise and in consideration of quality Standards. This is to maintain the uniformity across franchise. All equipment will be supplied as a part of agreement. The actual price might vary a little bit as per current market rate.
  • The shop area shall have minimum space of 150 – 200 sq. ft with ample standing space.
  • The shop shall have proper license , shop Act , FSSAI ,Fire NOC and local authority permission if required.
  • The timings of the store shall depend on the sales volume and is up to the choice of the franchise.
  • Training is the core of our Business Model. We will impart training to the franchise , the fee for which is included is the franchise fees. The training will be conducted on the outlet of the franchise itself
  • The company has the right to terminate the contract any time, with prior notice before 1 month.
  • Any matter or issues arising hereunder or any dispute hereunder shall be subjects to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of DURG.
  • The Franchise fees is Completely Non –
  • The Franchise contract shall renew every year with a fees of Rs. 15000, failing to which the company deserves the right to terminate the contract with prior notice before 1 month.


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